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Feb 09 2014

Upcoming changes

I've been somewhat busy over the past few months, which has led to a definite dearth of updates, but I'm now at the point where I'm starting to work on a number of technical projects.

  • As you can see, I've moved over the blog from using Wagn to using XWiki. A good piece of this has to do with the annoyance of trying to using Ruby Gems from a system administrator's perspective (running gem as root, which you normally want to do since it's installing files in /usr, then creates files that have bad permissions) and with dealing with Ruby app servers (for some reason, Passenger was magically working, and then equally magically broke). I don't love Ruby enough to fight with it, especially given how Gems are administratively unfriendly in how they're too much like the Wild West to be packaged in a native manner.
  • I'm working on migrating from two physical servers to a single physical server running VMware ESXi with multiple virtualized hosts. This should allow me to better isolate systems from each other.
  • Along with the above, I'm working on moving the physical server to be colocated, which should help buffer users from anything I may be doing with my connection.

Aug 22 2013

Pulling together the details

The User Documentation page is now up, although it's restricted to users. Easy accessibility for current users is awaiting LDAP integration in Wagn, but that's supposedly coming Soon (TM).

In the meantime, I'm continuing to putter around learning better how some of these systems work. For example, hooking up a CentOS system to a Windows Server system via Active Directory (using CentrifyExpress) has been fairly interesting, due to the downstream implications of not necessarily using local PAM authentication (since AD provides LDAP services, for example). Although I'm still having to get used to PuTTY using the Windows Kerberos ticket to do SSO onto my Linux system....

Miscellaneous notes so far:

  • Having AD LDAP means that as long as I push users to have an AD account, my non-elevated web applications don't need to have local PAM access (which requires some form of elevation).
  • Anything that does check PAM now needs to know to check AD as well (via

Aug 20 2013

Now loading...


This is the newly set up home for, which will serve both as a personal soapbox for the infrequent times I have something to say, as well as a reference site for users of the site (as I find time to document things, at least!). Things will be a bit cluttered for now, but bear with the mess - it'll get better!

Apologies for the short term use of reCAPTCHA for anonymous comments - I find that it tends to create some fairly ridiculous entries, but I'll need to get better at my Ruby hacking skills before I can replace it with are you a human, which I find much more tolerable.

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