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1Password for Families

Last modified by Mitchell on June 28, 2016, 10:22 PM

Jun 28 2016

So I've been using KeePass for a while to manage my credentials. Somewhat recently, there was a kerfuffle involving an unencrypted check for updates. It wasn't so much that there was an issue that bothered me (everything has issues, including security software). What bothered me was the complete disregard for it as an issue, particularly since it's meant to be a piece of security software.

So what came up next was 1Password for Families, since I had a sibling who decided to go for it and let me opt in as well. Seeing as it's a commercial product that's been out for a while, you would think that they have it to the point where It Just Works, right?


  • The import process was fairly miserable. Sure, I understand that KeePass might not be a large target audience. But when their migration solution involves running a Perl script? I suppose ignoring Windows might be a strategy, but it doesn't strike me as a good one.
  • Once the import was complete, I tried to import the generated file. Like a good number of Windows users, I'm now on Windows 10... except the Windows store version of the app (required for Families) doesn't support imports. I guess Windows + Families users don't matter....
  • I ended up using a Mac OS X system to do the import. Almost every entry came in as a Login, which isn't a huge issue. Except that they, as a design decision, opted to not allow for converting between categories. I have almost 600 entries, and manually recreating those items isn't a pleasant option.
  • I have several items with attachments (e.g. 2FA where I've saved off the authenticator image so that I can have multiple synced authenticators). Except those aren't supported in Families; again, a design decision.
  • For a product that was initially built around saving off website credentials (like most of these applications), you would think that they would at least have that working great out of the gate. Except you'd be wrong, at least for Windows. For the current official releases, the browser plugins require the standard desktop application... that doesn't support Families. In somewhat fairness, the 1Password 6 beta adds support for this... almost six months after they launched Families.

Short version? Families (and likely Teams as well) was launched half-assed. Windows is a low priority for them (seeing as one of the most important features wasn't provided for half a year). Dealing with a product like this just doesn't make sense, so I'm going back to my usage of KeePass, where at least I know what to expect.

Created by Mitchell on June 28, 2016, 10:22 PM

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